Boho Strings: an eclectic group of highly talented musicians.

We are trailblazers in building a more inclusive, compassionate and understanding society through music. Boho Strings believe that musical partnerships across disciplinary, social and cultural boundaries will make a difference for the better. Boho Strings take a leading role in sharing this responsibility within a global community. We welcome everyone to engage with us in this dialogue.

Boho Strings push the boundaries of the “classical” music program. Classical music needs toshine become a source for societal self-reflection and change. We try to capture the essence of the inherent artistic potential at the intersection of societal realities and classical music performance. We partner with composers, instrumentalists and vocalists from Western and non-Western traditions. We re-envision works from the Western canon by infusing it with exciting new perspectives. Each of our concerts is built around a specific theme (such as social, demographic, cultural or ecological issues), and at our concerts we invite our listeners to become active participants through a personal and meaningful dialogue - before, during and after the performance.

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