Tchaikovsky Family Concert

We’re in the year 1893, a few months after Tchaikovsky’s passing, while baronnes von Meck is in the very twilight of her years. She sits in her rocking chair and is overwhelmed with memories of her best friend, the lover she never met. Carried away she starts listening to the opening of his beloved Serenade for Strings…

IMG_1353.JPGIn a series of flashbacks baronnes von Meck takes us on a journey through Tchaikovsky’s life, his grandest successes and his deepest despair. Based on the extensive correspondence between Tchaikovsky and von Meck, this program combines theater, music and audience interaction. With musical excerpts from Tchaikovsky’s Serenade for Strings, the Andante Cantabile, ‘Mélodie’ from Souvenirs d’un lieu cher and Lensky’s famous aria from Eugen Onegin, performed by soloists from the Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel and BOHO Players, conducted by David Ramael.


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